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Akira HINO



Born in Osaka , Japan (1948)
Not only well-known as a master of Japanese Budo(Martialarts), but he is also around as a director/instructor, a professional Jazz drummer, a writer, a stage directer and a lecturer.


He started gymnastic at junior high school without any coaching. He soon marked excellent records and was selected as one of the Tokyo Olympic qualifier for intense training.


As a professinal drummer, Hino collabolated with many internationally-known Japanese artists such as Yosuke Yamashita, Akira Sakata, Kaoru Abe, Motoharu Yoshizawa,Gozo Yoshimasu and so on.


In his 30's he founded the Hino Budo Institute as he established

“ Hino method" from his ascetic training, which does not depend on muscle strength and uses body in the most rational way.

Because of his one-and-only amazing skill, Hino and his method was featured on national/international mass media(TV, Movie, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper, Video, DVD,etc) innumerable times.


One of his published books "Kokoro no katachi" has been translated into Spanish (La Imagen del Corazon) and English (The Image of Kokoro).


As Japanese Budo is extensively introduced by those media, he has been traveling world-wide to teach his style of martial arts.

Since 2005, he has been invited by William Forsythe to teach the members of Forsythe company "How to connect & feel" in Frankfurt , Germany .


Domestically, he has held his workshop since 2005 in Tokyo , Osaka , Yokohama , and a total of 5000 people has participated.

Since this very original and sophisticated physical method could apply to any fields of educating body, his Budo method has resounded through the leading artists, athletes, and instructors.

Those who visit him to take guidance includes: Olympic medalists, a World champion of Kick-boxing, Prize fighters, Professional wrestlers, Rugby footballers, Budo instructors of other styles, Professional Dancers, Actors,Performers, Musicians, Doctors, Therapists, Scientists,and the people in various professions.


He has also worked for people with intellectual disabilities.

Hino Budo is based on controlling "Ishiki"("Consciousness") and utilizing "natural body reflexes", which is the unconscious movement, to feel the connection with other people.


Especially for performers, he focuses on REAL physical expression to connect audiences and other performers on stage by recognizing one's inner/outer body stimuli.



When he was thirty years old, a Dojo was made to open for the first time at Osaka . His coaching isn't a traditional style.

Because he considered most important thing for Budo was natural reflections, took an impromptu movement than a decided movement seriously. 

The Dojo wasn This idea is common theme running through all of his activity.

Hino strengthened his resolve to disclose the essence of Budo, and decided to set up own Dojo getting the best environment deserve to train.


He and his students without an experience of carpenter's work kept building the Dojo with going through with it by trial and error.

For 10 years rest, it was completed.

The Dojo located in Kumano Kodo is known as the World Heritage,

It is dignified wooden building.



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