At last, the lifetime work of a remarkable Japanese martial artist Akira Hino has condensed into one book titled "Don't Think, Listen to the Body!" The book proposes a new perspective on human body and movement and provides plenty of practice examples to awaken and increase enduring power within you. It is a must read for those who seek insights into what it means to be truly strong.


About the author
Born in Osaka, Japan in 1948. Akira Hino is not only a renowned master of Japanese Budo (martial arts) but also a movement coach, teacher, choreographer, professional jazz drummer and author. 
His incredible physical ability was initially realized when he became a self-taught gymnast in junior high school. He was soon selected as one of the Tokyo Olympic qualifiers for the intensive training camp.
As a professional jazz drummer, he performed with many acclaimed musicians such as Kaoru Abe during 70s and 80s. 
When he turned thirty years old, he founded the Hino Budo Institute in Kumano, Wakayama. He formed the basis of the Hino Method through his rigorous training there. The method is rooted in his study of the essence of martial arts, especially the words of the legendary masters in the history of Japanese classic martial arts. It is about developing the body to its full potential without relying on muscle strength and refining bodily intelligence. 
Unconventional, thought-provoking, and effective, the Hino Method and its philosophy have been resonating with people from all walks of life: martial artists, athletes, dancers, actors, educators, medical professionals, musicians, and scientists both in Japan and abroad.

Don´t Think, Listen to the Body!